Every child deserves to be safe, to be loved, and to know joy.

Take the leap of faith to open your heart and your home. You can change history by sharing and building stories of the heart...

Writing Workshops

Anyone can write a cherished keepsake during a Heart Stories Workshop. Using Ms. Parker’s frames and prompts, you will follow her tips and guidance, creating your own unique Heart Story. Depending on your goal, your gift can be completed in a single evening or during a workshop series.

  • No previous writing experience is necessary [but writers are also welcome].
  • All prompts, frames, and writing materials are provided.
  • Illustrations, photos, etc. are the responsibility of participants.
  • Participants will receive a presentation folio for their completed book.
  • Small home-based writing groups of 5-10 people can be accommodated.
  • Writers can be parents, relatives, children, friends, colleagues….anyone!
  • Gather a group of 5 or more friends, register together, and save 20%

Choose from over three dozen Heart-Stories Topic Choices

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a unique, entertaining and inspiring speaker for your next event or meeting?

Ms. Parker is available for keynote, luncheon, or dinner presentations on parenting, history, heart stories, or foster, kinship and adoptive parenting. She delights in introducing listeners to the joys of upbeat parenting, the excitement of exploring, making, and documenting history, the wonder of seeing a loved one read a one-of-a-kind personalized story, and repercussions from the hidden world of America’s forgotten children.

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Workshops for Parents

Ever frustrated, overwhelmed, or discouraged by the parenting roller coaster?

Upbeat Parenting offers over a dozen different workshops led by either Ms. Miller or Ms. Parker for parents, support caregivers, and child welfare agencies. Each workshop presents unique, creative, yet practical strategies for handling the day-to-day challenges of parenting. Attendees leave each dynamic session inspired and renewed, armed with the materials and confidence to begin immediately. Speeches, book signings and discounted purchases may also be arranged.

Workshops are priced on a sliding scale based on length, travel, audience, and supplies needed. Discounts are available for multiple workshops for the same agency or in the same trip. Any of the workshops can be presented in overview format or as excerpts to fit into the time frame of shorter conference time slots [as little as 1 hour]. Workshops can be combined to fit into Institute length trainings [up to 6 hours].

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Take the leap of faith to open your heart and your home. You can change history by sharing and building stories of the heart... Learn More