Keynote or Speaking Presentations

Ms. Parker is available for keynote, luncheon, or dinner presentations on parenting, history, Heart-Stories, or foster, kinship and adoptive parenting. Contact her to discuss topics and make arrangements to inspire your next group, meeting, or conference.

“A Shoebox, a Paper Bag, and a Prayer”

The lively, uplifting story of Ms. Parker’s journey and adventures parenting foster, biological, kinship, and adoptive children and grandchildren can be scheduled as a keynote or as an author talk with a book signing.

“Stories from your Heart”

Be inspired by the power of individual stories to build, heal, or strengthen bonds. Whether you have always kept a diary or the only writing you do is a shopping list you will leave confident in your own ability to create one of a kind gifts for those you love.

“OURstories…Your Place in History”

Each of us has a role to play in history even if we don’t realize it. Become intrigued with your time and place in history. Consider the fun of exploring and developing your place more consciously. Discover the fascination of documenting the history you live for the historians of tomorrow.

“Throw Away Children– Building Hope and Help”

This unflinching look at the impact of child neglect, trauma, and substitute care challenges us to see the long-term impact of the choices we make today. A mix of real-life numbers, personal stories, and innovative approaches offer hope and possibilities to those who dare take action.