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Heart-Stories are one-of-a-kind gifts that will become a personal or family treasure for generations to come. As their name implies, these stories come from the heart, pulsing with memories, the life-blood of love and bonding. The stories reflect both the writers’ personal histories and the lives of the people for whom the Heart Story is a gift. Their value grows with every passing year as you capture memories, traditions, and connections and preserve them.

What will you write about? Who can you give a Heart Story? Anything and Anyone.  Check out this list of over 36 different Heart-Stories Topic Choices.*

*Note: Stories for children can be specially tailored to promote self-esteem, bonding, emotional control, skill-building, and more. Specialized Heart-Stories for foster. adoptive and special needs children are available on request.

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How do you get started? You have four basic options:

Attend or Host a Heart-Stories-Workshop. During the workshop you will write a personalized Heart Story with the guidance and support of a professional writer. These can be single workshops or a series. Workshops may be sponsored by your school, community services, business, faith group, or organization. Workshops can be for adults only or can include teens.  Children old enough to write or to dictate their ideas to their writing partner can be included at some workshops.  Workshops can also be sponsored and hosted by a group of friends who all want to work on a chosen topic. Workshop fees vary based on location and number of participants.

Host a Heart-Stories Event. Host a single event when all participants will work together on a shared book project. Bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, holiday get-togethers, and just a few examples of the special events that provide the perfect opportunity for a Heart Stories Event. But even just an evening with a few friends with a common interest will work.  Events can be scheduled with as few as four writers and work comfortably in a home setting with up to 10.  More than 10 can be arranged depending on the setting and the topic. Contact us for more information about scheduling a one of a kind evening.

Choose a Commissioned Heart Story. You will provide information that a professional writer will convert to a personalized Heart Story for you to give. Perhaps you have a story you want to be told, but don’t have the time to do it yourself. Maybe you have an idea for a gift but would prefer someone else do the writing.  Through interviews and questionnaires we can put your story into words, we can make your gift a reality. Contact us for more information to decide if this option is for you.

Order a collection of Heart Story Sparks. These suggestions and prompts will get you started if you want to work totally on your own but need some ideas to begin writing. These are not the writing frames and guides that are used during Heart Stories Workshops or Events. They do include some of the prompts available during workshops and events.  Heart Story Sparks are questions to get you thinking, to help you remember.  They will focus your thinking and give you ideas and topics to explore.


Heart-Stories can be finished and bound in a wide range of styles depending on your personal preferences and needs.

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