“Heart-Stories” Binding Styles

Heart-Stories are can be finished in a number of binding styles. They vary by cost, flexibility, and ability to be customized. If multiple copies of the Heart Story are desired, there is also an option to have them printed and bound by a small press. Binding costs are the responsibility of each client, but can be discussed or arranged by Heart Stories. An example of each style will be available at the Heart Stories Workshop or Event.


Presentation Folder: This method is great for stories for young children because the cover is plastic and each page goes inside a plastic sleeve. This provides protection from sticky fingers as your Heart Story is read over and over again. The limitation is that the folders come with a present number of sleeves, so they are best for Heart Stories that are 24 pages or fewer. Presentation folders can have a custom spine and cover and are very inexpensive at $4-6 for each Heart Story.

Examples:   Mariah Goes to Counseling,   Inside the Drawbridge

Hard Bound: Some people prefer an actual hard-bound book. Many office supply stores can hard-bind your book for around $10-15 for the binding plus the cost of photocopying the book pages. Usually you can add a cover illustration but may not be able to have anything on the book spine. Your choices of cover color and other options are likely to be very limited.

Examples:        Who Loves Me?,     The Voopa Monster!

Comb or Spiral Bound: These two methods of binding allow the story to lie flat when open.  This is particularly good for recipe books, craft directions, and books which hope to involve the reader pointing, tracing, or more. Comb binding refers to a series of plastic teeth and spiral binding is a metal or plastic coil similar to school notebooks. The price of this varies by the type of cover materials and protection you choose. You can choose heavy stock paper or vinyl but not hard covers. Most office stores can do either comb or spiral binding for under $10.

Comb Example:             Madison’s Book of Numbers

Spiral Example:             Alexis’ and Ben’s Family Recipes


Paperback or Hard Bound in Multiples: These can be discussed if desired at the time of the workshop or event. Either requires more expense and more lead time, but can offer a very professional looking result.