Meet the “Heart Stories” founder

Meet the founder of …     “Heart-Stories”


Heart-Stories are the creation of Gail Underwood Parker, an experienced teacher and writer. She taught for 32 years and has authored many articles, teaching materials, and a number of personal and mainstream books.

Gail began writing books for her children and grandchildren, following in the tradition of her father, James Underwood, who had written stories for family members all his life.  Unlike her father’s fictional stories that often starred thinly disguised family or friends, Gail’s stories were openly non-fiction, designed to capture memories and events and feelings shared between friends, family, and colleagues.

As a writer, Gail was often frustrated when researching events and biographies that all too often what was available were bare bones facts of geneology, birth dates, and lists of accomplishments. As an author trying to capture the spirit of her subjects more completely, she realized that it was often family members who provided the most help.

As a teacher, Gail added non-fiction writing to her students’ repertoires. She challenged students to discover the fascinating world of non-fiction that lies beyond the traditional and often-dreaded “reports.” Each year she had each of her students write a “book” about their life that year. To help guide them, she created dozens of prompts and writing guides to help them through the process.

As a foster and adoptive parent, Gail found that personalized stories were an opportunity to teach difficult concepts, celebrate accomplishments or events, strengthen self-esteem, confidence, and bonding. Heart Stories give the child something that no one else has, something where they are the star, they are the hero. That power can delight and transform a child.

“Heart-Stories” are a perfect blending of Gail’s interests in upbeat parenting, teaching, and writing.

Imagine how receiving a Heart-Story you write will add magic to the life of someone you know!