“Heart Stories” Topic Choices

We began with only four topics and have grown to over three dozen “Heart Stories” topic choices currently. If you have a different idea that you would like to explore, or if you can’t decide where to begin, contact Ms. Parker and she will be happy to help. 


Focus on a child/teen:

Bonding:  Who Loves Me?

I am Growing, I am Strong

How We Became a Family

Event-Based:  The First Day of School

The Day You Arrived [birth, foster, or adoption]


Custom Event… based on a significant event in child’s life

[Ex: sports, activity, bar mitzpah, bat mitzpah, Scouting. Etc.]

Birthday-Based:   [Name] is  [Age]

_[Name]’s Top Tens

Picture Books [option to illustrate WITH the child]

_[Name]’s A  B  C’ s

_[Name]’s Number Book



Focus on You & Child [of any age] :

When I Was Young

School Changes!

How We Became a Family

Traditions We Share                           [also for adult sibling]

The World I Remember

Custom…. Your choice of topic


Focus on You & Spouse:

When I Fell in Love

Our Years Together [anniversary]

What I Love About You [anytime]    [also for adult sibling]

Birthday-Based:   [name] is  [age] [also for adult sibling]

Custom…. Your choice of topic


Focus on Sharing Your Memories:

When I Was Young

The Faces of Love

When You Were Born

Bumps in the Road

Heroes and Villains

Family Recipes and Food Traditions

The World Around Us

Figuring Out What Matters

Tribute Book                           [tribute can gather memories about anyone]

Family Reunion [actual or literary]

Custom… Your choice of topic


Focus on Your Legacy:

What I Believe and Why I Believe

If I Ruled the World

What I Wish I Had Known

Custom….Your choice of topic


Focus on A Special Event:

A Coming or New Baby

An Engagement or Wedding

A Family Gathering

A Graduation

A Significant Honor/Accomplishment [new job, award, etc.]

A Retirement

A New Home

A Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah